Clear Concept has managed and participated in a wide variety of consulting engagements, wherein we have:
Defined, designed, developed, & implemented custom database applications for major firms & agencies.
Presented IS solutions defining the financial, clinical, administrative, fund raising and human resources aspects of long-term care facilities and other non-profit organizations.
Collaborated in the design, programming, development and implementation of RESPONSE, a constituency based database for politicians & elected officials in national, state, and local government.
Developed custom reports required by management, Board of Trustees, funding sources, and State agencies, to produce CBR's, CFR's and presentation quality financial statements.
Designed and implemented procedures for filing claims under County and State deficit funding contracts with service provider agencies.
Conducted General Computer Information Seminars & Training Courses.
Acted as a client/vendor liaison, and negotiated performance based agreements reviewing system vendor contracts for technical aspects relating to the system implementation process.
Conducted reviews of organizations structures including staff qualifications and responsibilities, and systems operations through IS Internal Control Reviews.
Developed long range systems plans including the evaluation and selection of fund-raising, association membership, and financial accounting systems for several organizations.
Implemented the development of procedure manuals for several custom applications in the political sector of the not-for-profit industry.
Developed operating procedure manuals for custom developed software, including Service Delivery Area software for use throughout the United States.

Conducted software license audits, reviewed software management policy as to software acquisition, utilization, auditing, and setting standards for employee use of software.

Businesses/Agencies WE SERVE:

Schools & Colleges
Medical Professionals
Religious Organizations